Clear Advantage, LLC is an independent publisher of non-fiction metaphysical, financial and self-help books, and developer of apps, based in Hawaii. Locally owned and operated, our vision is to provide individuals and communities with the tools they need to transform their lives.

At Clear Advantage we believe in producing the highest quality content-rich non-fiction books for both the printed and e-book markets, and groundbreaking apps to create meaningful social change in our community.



Pro-Choice: A Financial Guide for Women

Corporations are like strippers, dressed up to the nines plastered in makeup, selling a dream. No wonder men get fooled so easily in love and investments. But as women, we have no excuses not to be winning in the world of business and investment. 50% of consumers are women- but less than 5% of management in Fortune 500 companies is. This gives women a distinct advantage in investing and business, just due to how we think, but these innate advantages are rarely pointed out to us. Through reading Pro Choice you will get a step by step process to learn how to make use of how you already think different to outsmart the business world and build the life of your dreams. To order as a paperback or in Kindle format please visit our Amazon page at:

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The Small Business Tax Guide to Health Care

The Affordable Care Act has left many small business owners paralyzed, not knowing where to start. Here is a quick guide to, in the least words possible, clearly explain the provisions specific to the needs of small businesses. Topics covered in this pocket guide include: Employer Shared Minimum Responsibility Payments, The Small Business Health Insurance Tax Credit, Self-Insurance and the Net Investment Income Tax. By having a better understanding of these topics small business owners will be better able to plan for the growth of their companies and avoid being hit with unexpected large penalties or taxes. To order as a paperback or in Kindle format please visit our Amazon page at:

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The Small Business Tax Guide

Have you ever felt like your small business is drowning in taxes? You have guessed there are deductions out there that big corporations take, and could be a lifesaver for your business. But you didn't know where in the vast sea of tax code to look. Well, your life raft has arrived. From entity formation to business sale, Crystal Stranger, EA has created a simple guide to save you money on every part of the business building voyage. Many legal deductions and credits exist, but very few accountants know tax code well enough to apply them. Now there is a quick reference on what loopholes are available to you, so you can take charge of your financial life and be your own lifeguard. Saving money on taxes is that simple. To order as a paperback or in Kindle format please visit our Amazon page at:

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A bit about our projects in development:


Currently there are many small farms, local gardeners and people who have fruit trees in their yards that have no easy way to offer their goods directly to the public. Yumable is an app-¬≠based “farmer’s market” that will allow women to provide better food to their families by giving access to many sources currently unavailable. By bridging the gap between our naturally abundant environment and health conscious consumers, we will help the United States move forward in both promoting sustainable farming practices and lessening the dependence on imported foods. The app also could be later brought to an international market, helping decrease hunger worldwide.

awardYumable was the winner of the 2015 SBA InnovateHer Competition for the state of Hawaii.


Here in Hawaii we have Pollution not from cars or industry, but from Kilauea, the active volcano that has been erupting continuously since the early 1980’s. These volcanic emissions, also known as “vog” form a significant threat to public health. Voggy will be an app to help promote understanding about this source of pollution, through an interactive format similar to Instaweather. By using an app interface we are able to access advanced health features on new wearable devices, that will allow a new range of resource including tracking the health effects of Vog. Later iterations of this app can be used in other regions worldwide with pollution issues, such as Los Angeles or Eastern Asia. We envision Voggy becoming a platform for researchers to track health implications of pollutants worldwide.

awardVoggy was the winner of the At&t Hackathon best use of government resources prize, 2015.


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